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Greetings Tattoo Enthusiast!!!


Greetings everyone!

I'd like to take a moment to welcome you to my personal webpage, this page is always a work in progress as my artwork continues to change and grow, I then add to it's portfolio. Snoop around and check out my artwork, tattoos, tshirts, paintings and aftercare products available exclusively at Evolved Body Arts

In bigger news:

If your not already acquainted, I am owner an artist of Evolved Body Arts LLC a certified TATT2AWAY center. We have just surpassed our 3rd year in business and I couldn't have done it without all of our amazing clients.

Upon opening I assembled some of the finest talent from the area. We have 5 spectacular artist and each speacailizing in their own style making us very versatile to accommodate various client request. We have had great success with our recently launched line of all natural aftercare products (available exclusively at Evolved Body Arts). Our line offers everything you need to heal, protect and preserve your works of art over the entire course of their lifetime. Tattooing balm, healing balm, sun stick, and tattoo removal balm. Products are vegan/vegatarian friendly and cruelty free, with the exception of the sun stick as it contains beeswax. Any and all information on these products can be found here on tattoonow.com on my webpage.  We are proud to be a certified TATT2AWAY center, which is a non laser tattoo removal procedure that uses a naturally produced solution to remove pigments from the skin (Consults are free). Any information requarding my studio, artist, tattoo removal and products can be viewed on our webpage listed below.

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